I’m near to it.

I found my old blogs and compiling it here now. Here’s the old old site.

“Tough moments don’t last, tough people do.”

Since i heard this from one of my new and good friends, Lloyd Luna, during one of his talks, I’m always convincing myself that i’m keeping it in my nut. haha.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. i was so excited to submit all my final OJT Requirements, meet Budz for the concept forthe alumni concert of Himig Kalinangan, and finally, get my TOGA!

Wheew. I’m now feeling the excitement of having a degree! I’m trying to get busy, trying to finish all the school requirements for graduation to forget about missing ‘home’ and not feeling the fulfillment of graduation. Hay…

I’ve waited so long for this, but I’m feeling down and neglected right now. I seem to be forgotten.=(

Mom and Dad are not calling, no one seems to appreciae and be happy seeing me with my Graduation Cap & Gown..except for Ate Malou, our helper, who said “Wow. Gagraduate na siya!” when I arrived home (The situation became more gloomy when Ailette told me about her Mom’s excitement when she saw her toga. hehe. I envy her, I know she’s home.)

I feel neglected at home (I’m living with my tita, tito, and cousin right now because my parents and sister are in Quezon). Or maybe, I’m not just not used to live in an environment like this, busy…

…or maybe I just miss home. Because now, I’m up to something I long for…and they’re not by my side right now. Hindi lang siguro ako sanay… hay… I miss those times when my bestfriend, Mom, will tease me about graduation, Dad will force me to present to him my plans after graduation, and Labs (short for Kalabaw), my sis, will always compete with me but in the end when i feel down, will cheer me up and whisper (for Dad not to notice her because he forbid us to say “Tanga” at home because he said it connotes disrespect and insults one’s intellect) “Para kang tanga Tol. bakit ka nalulungkot?” Hay..I miss home. The place where I can find myself, see my goals and dreams in a clear view, and be proud of who I am.

I wept when I reached my room feeling that no one is excited for MY DAY. Until now I have my eyes swollen because ’til this afternoon, I’m projecting my sadness to several things.

I really miss home. Hay…

College is tough. But I assure you that you’ll not or you didn’t notice it because of being focused to your goal…to your dream and self-fulfillment.

The process may not seem so tough because we might be so busy believing that everything is possible…every dream is reachable. There were several tough moments, but we didn’t feel them longer because the process kept us unnoticed in molding our toughness. Then we’re tough. hehe.

Like what my favorite song says “I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly, I’ll do what it takes til I touch the sky…” hmmm…I’ll always breakaway.

With all the vices, parties, redhorse, and malls in our time, I would like to congratulate all the Graduates of 2007!

 I adulate your toughness and your eagerness to chase the dream that quietly sits on your mind and heart. Congratulations for striving to know your limits and to your willingness to learn and unlearn life’s realities! I hope that the memories during the process will always remind us of our toughness and of our wonderful quest for knowledge and self-fulfillment. Continue nurturing relationships because these are the reasons of our success.

To my home and to my second home, my diploma is for you guys. To all of you who became part of the process, thank you so much. Nothing could ever replace the happiness seeing my home and my second home happy of what I’ve reached and done.

What do you think?

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