I’ll be stepping in PICC for the first time.

I’ll be stepping in PICC for the first time.

I didn’t get a chance to watch any theatrical play in CCP or a graduation in PICC, the only time I see these places is whenever I’m on my way to Manila. For a genuine probinsyana like me, marching in PICC Auditorium is one hell of a dream come true. Thanks to Mom and Dad! And to my ever-supportive Tita Billie and Couz Zha. Things were not easy for me. Getting the degree in Broadcast Journalism put me in thrilling yet dangerous experiences that truly honed my talents and sharpened even my confidence. Broadcast Journalism is all about life’s wonders.

I used to write “Baccalaureate” in my little pink notebook when I was in high school because I didn’t know how to spell it right! yey!

Thanksgiving completes me.

I went to Baccalaureate alone, without my parents. It simply sucks but like what my ever-supportive ninong Leo have said, “That kind of situation and feeling can make you tough…”

Two days from now, I’ll formally have my Bachelor’s degree and offer that to my loving parents who are now still in Quezon, waiting for my lil sis to finish her NSTP and for our pigs to empty their wombs with my thank-God-to-piglets scholarship. Haha. I want to be a vegetarian and advocates animals rights, but I’m giving harm to pigs for my education…so ironic. =(

Well, thank you Chabelita, Maria, Rita, and a lot more (those are our pigs’ names…shhh.) for sacrificing for your little playmate’s education! Hope you had a fulfilled stay here on earth!

Life is good when you’re living it.

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