So many things have changed.

It’s so amazing how time flies so fast. How the handwritten became typewritten, how Betamax became DVD, how penpals became phonepals and eventually became textmates, how porridge was made available in an “instant” packaging to substitute the used-to-be Lola’s merienda during my childhood, how Daddy gave me freedom to live on my own without hearing his usual loud voice when scolding me, how Mommy stopped me from crying from the usual life intrigues, how my friends who used to be Mama’s girls became Mom’s with girls, how my dreams seem to be closer, and how my number of so-called “friends” were trimmed down into half (of thousands…haha) but now more fulfilling since they’re more precious and true.

I’m amazed that one of my closest friends in college who used to collect coins from us to buy her food for lunch easily became “the one” who’s treating us for lunch. Time worked in wonders, because now, the used to what-do-you-need? question of Mommy turned into “What do you want, mommy?” question from me, then with her quick response, “I want you to save for the 100, 000 worth lot, and for our Flower Farm, ok?” 

I’m amazed on how I have a fulfilled life right now thou I don’t have a D&G sunglasses, MacBook Pro, Ipod, worth 28, 000 dress or worth 12, 000 shoes. I’ve fulfilled some of my parents’ dreams, i am snoozing sweetly every night, a wonderful work (though stressful…haha), amazing friends, great family, and the best boyfriend. What more can I ask for? This fulfillment will never be replaced by a 8G Flash Disk… haha.

“It’s funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything’s different”.

One thing will never change, Daddy’s still the greatest when he inculcated to my nuts that “I will be the one to teach other people how to treat me and that RESPECT will always be earned and will always be indispensable…”

Love you, Tantin!
Ay! Dad pala… Haha.

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