To my funny friends.

It’s funny that someone who was considered close to me threw shits at my back, slapped me with her pathetic beliefs on worshiping herself and disdaining other’s innocent images, is still turning to me for help and is still considered a friend.
It’s funny that someone who indirectly discouraging me on things, underestimating my strengths but consistently affirming that I am loved, is still considered a friend….
I know some people think that it’s funny to keep you, but hey, we have same genes  running through our veins at times… i’m just praying for you to grow up!
To you, my “funny” friends, I never kept anger inside me…because like what Mom claims (always), it’ll never make me more successful or happier, moreover it’ll just make me look insecure and revengeful.
A reminder from Mom to always be thankful for what I have is the reason why I was so focused on the great things, the great things you’ve done for me and to me, than the things that you’ve always wanted to take away from me by doing such “funny” things.
C’mon people! It’ll not make you snooze soundly…
But you’re forgiven…even before you’ve done those things…
No anger.
No insecurities.
No unhealthy competitions.
I’m happy being happy.
And I’m happy I have you.

What do you think?

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