Shitting around.

I’ve seen “golden” relationships fail, genuine friendships that were thrown away, expectations that continually made a person down and tragic goodbyes, for two months that were kept and given me some sleepless nights.
Having a fulfilled life is never having a perfect life. I’m thankful of having I-could-not-ask-for-more moments but He’s the cleverest to keep the balance always. And in my case, I have to lend a hand, lend strength to someone dear to me to keep the balance…
The outcome of one’s plans depend on the way one think…
As one takes steps in search for happiness, or in deeper and sensible state of mind or feeling, fulfillment, fear and positivity come hand in hand. But one should be brave enough to feel that fear is just an empty space… that will never give resolutions.
If one takes a doubtful step to battle with fear, to move forward to fulfillment, then fail, fear comes like an apparition, which one will never see unless darkness will be recognized because one of the hardest elements in being human is the existence of failure, moreover, the acceptance of it.
Dad forced me to project a “strong” image, but also let me realize that I will only and totally be strong when I’ve been a complete mess, accept it, and learn from it.
My search for happiness is never easier or harder than anyone else. We’re all going to one process; the difference is just our state of minds.
There are some people that continually can’t accept that they’ve shitted to someone or became a complete mess, kept believing that hurting someone is part of the process or part of that someone’s stupidity and indifference, forcing themselves to believe that that’s how life goes. But later on, they’ll wake up in the reality that their refusal to acceptance is the only thing that hindered their growth and delayed their “moments of fulfillment.”
So as the song goes…
Sorry seems to be the hardest word…

I adulate all those who can humbly say “sorry” and show their true selves…
…because in the Bible and in reality, blessed are those who can humble themselves…
…and the truth will be the only thing that will set everything and everyone free…

What do you think?

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