Being young a problem? Never!

It was just one ordinary busy day and I wasn’t feeling well because of the cold, rainy weather. I was still overwhelmed of having new shoes from People Are People which I consider as one of my investments since it’s one of my ardent dreams.
Then, shoot! One NOT-SO-GOOD DAY began.
I’m assigned to handle the first issue of our magazine, Breaking Free. (Although until now, there are several grey areas in the magazine scene, we’ve already came up with some vital decisions that lessened the vagueness).
I’m tasked to interview freelance writers, lay-out/graphic artists and all those that will be part of the team. I’m physically, emotionally and mentally prepared of everything that will happen during interviews, since the issue of me being “young” and “inexperienced” is at hand.
Yes, maybe in some areas, I can be considered as lucky to have this chance, but hey, I know that He has reasons for putting me into this!
I always choose corporate attires that will make me look older and smarter, choose make up hues which will transform me into a mature missus, makes sure to project a smart image at all times, and practices professional and canny conversation and mentality.
Goodness! It’s not EASY!
Most of the time I’m seeing myself conscious and unaccustomed of the print media industry but I have to keep my focus of proving to all that I am in the position to say what I have to say and that I’m willing to learn from their professional experiences.  The task was given to me alone and I have to discover things on my own. I have the responsibility to make sure to put together everything in the magazine, from articles, lay-out, to printing.
The experience is fun and rewarding! But I’m fully aware of the presence of bullshits. And this is just my lucky day to meet one of them! I interviewed editors from Summit Media and Mabuhay Magazines, but the very intimidating presence of this EIC from a not-so-established magazine affected me bigtime…NEGATIVELY.
He’s a man in his 50’s, who has copies of his published magazine at both hands, with, according to our business manager, gay-ish gestures, high eyebrows upon seeing me walking towards his direction while he was playing with his long slim umbrella.
His eyebrows remained in their high position in his forehead while I was giving an introduction of the company and the magazine. He indirectly showed that he’s underestimating my right to question his experiences while icing me with questions of my company’s stability and the magazine’s effectiveness.
“I’m a UP college graduate, had MA in UP also, and I don’t think your system will work…”
“Well, I’m working with 28 freelance writers at the moment and I’m definitely sure that the system is working…”
Nice interviewee, best example for the yuppies! Haha. (Well, based on my observation, most of the “experienced” so-called professionals, lack respect and demand as if they own the company during interviews than the young professionals–well, because they’re amateurs, maybe).
I just can’t fathom why the society considers them professionals…
…if they can’t accept professionally that there are younger people who will sometimes give them rules and limitations?
…if they can’t accept that sometimes, there are situations that maybe in their perspectives, are giving them moral downgrade, but in a better perspective, are just situations that test their strength of character, wisdom and professionalism?
Know-it-alls must be buried. Haha.
My point is, no one has the right to be arrogant on being more intelligent on some things because there are no two people given exact experiences and chances in life…so everyone learns differently.
Being wise doesn’t mean knowing all the facts around the globe, its process includes life experiences and attitude.
So, do you still think that being young is a problem while everyone’s considered to have an attitude?
Good thing, i have a good one. haha. and my company just fortunately saw its goodness…
Bad for him, he was so empty.
To my co-yuppies, LET’S PROVE OURSELVES…
we’re not like those empty professionals…
We’re born to lead and compete professionaly, with RESPECT.

What do you think?

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