Are MEN out of the world? Or it’s just US?

     I actually just moved this entry from my Multiply blog, and upon reading the entry again, I realized that there were a few good comments. Time flies so fast.

Last week when I was at home, I had a long chat with some of my girlfriends. And there are lot of things that we don’t “get” with men.

  • When guys impliedly air their level of insecurity with the relationship like “Alam kong dika sanay magseryoso, pero seryoso ako sayo” or “Baka lokohin mo lang ako ah,”we, girls, think that you want us to reassure you that we’re serious about you and the relationship. But if we’re showing you how much we love you, by consistently caring for you, asking permission from you regarding some stuffs, doing or wearing what you want and permanently registering in unlimited texting service, suddenly, you’ll scream “I WANT TO EXPLORE AND FIND MYSELF. I’m losing myself, nakakasakal, I need space.”  Where will be our next stand?
  • Why can’t you admit your mistakes and when someone exaggerates the story, you’ll blame and accuse us for being so talkative on things about us, but in reality, we don’t say a thing?
  • Why are you having a hard time saying SORRY? And most of the time, assuming that we “got” it already? Are we Madame Auring or MAdame Curacha to discern if you’re really sorry or just pretending to be?
  • why do you get mad with our “kaartehan” in front of you but when we do it in front of others, you’ll say, “Ang arte mo! Buti kung ako lang andon!” Sad. Can’t you think that we’re most at ease with you that’s why we’re being maarte in front of you? Also, sometimes, it’s part of our lambing and we want you to lambingus back! Chizzy.
  • (Many ask this one) Haha. Why do you neglect us, or worst, get another girl to replace us for a while, whenever we’re showing that you’re the only one for us and we’re so truly, madly, deeply inlove with you? Then you’lls ay that you’re just playing around. Do we deserve this while all we want is for no one to say “Sayang ang batang to!” to you?
  • Why do you strictly ask us to cut every connection we have with our EXes but consistently chech your Ex’s friendster and multiply account, text her, or worse, sneak to see her and when we discover it, ask us, “Bakit masama ba kami maging friends?” What are you doing? Testing if the love that you’ve shared is really gone? Testing if your really over her? COWARD thing. Are you afraid to have no one when we finally can get hold of you and give you up? Or worst, you’re just so AFRAID to fall in love to protect your macho image or afraid to get hurt. Pity. Sabi nga nila, asa dami ng investment ang dami ng kita.
  • why do you agree that COMMUNICATION is vital for our relationship but when we’re seriously having a conversation, you don’t say all the things you want to say or sometimes, don’t tell the truth? Wose, is “Hulaan mo kung ano yon?” Are you nuts at times or just trying to do some alibi?
  • Why don’t you want us to wear sexy clothes but your eyes are attached to those women in tight sexy clothes while wearing your sunglasses?

      Well, these vary also. Depending on the maturity of guys. =D
      Anyway, we understand that you love video games, bikes, cars, boy’s nightout and RESPONSIBILITY at times. Point taken. LOL.
     Just enjoy life, but remember your future. LOL.

What do you think?

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