thoughts. thoughts. thoughts.

My gradeschool teacher said that we have to put a period to a group of words that states a unified thought, for us to indicate that ‘it is done’… ‘ENDED.’
Same with feelings. In some ‘special’ situations. =)
But sometimes, even if we KNOW the right thing or the ways to END it, if the carrying out of the solution comes, they simply vanish one, two or three at a time.
He visited, and everything seemed ‘to be continued…” *sigh*
Public affairs seem to be the discoverer. In a way, Entertainment seems to be influenced by public affairs already with the truth they’ve discovered. Then, Entertainment makes masterpieces with that truth to make it known to people…for them to put it to practice.
Makes sense.
When you’re in Public Affairs, the downside is everything has to be you have to work hard to look for interesting issues to address. For commercial reasons, you have to be very keen in research to look for a unique story. In Entertainment, you have to be creative and imaginative. Well,  both are hard if you’ll think about it.
What if you can’t find an interesting story?
Or what if you can’t think of a more creative plot of a series?
*sigh* I’m feeling down. Too much. My self-esteem is getting low. 

What do you think?

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