Spare time is genuine.

Since I started working in TV production, every spare time seems to be genuine and I’m loving every second of it. 

I miss loving what I do.
I miss being motivated.

Normally, my sched is:
      Sunday: preprod meeting
      Monday-Tuesday: taping, preprod (Tues afternoon)
      Wednesday-Thurs: Taping, preprod (Thurs afternoon)

Then, it’ll be: EVERYDAY, 6am-12am (digitizing, scoring, editing) since I will be assigned to editing now and my partner will be assigned in taping. Yea, better sched? And yea, I’ll miss Marc Abaya. haha. (you know it! i have a crush on him since college and he was still a VJ. cute, hot geek!). Well, i’ll be less tired but still sleepless…and will be dead soon. haha.

In what I’m experiencing, creative people suffers from irregularities.
Promise! Artsy people are just so brave and flexible. We are abnormal and adventurous. Then, soon, we’ll be fed up with irregularities… when we get older…older and poor.

Getting Nonsense.

Go away gobbledygook!

Well, i just realized that I know how to ride a bike last week when Hannah and Jao (Mj’s young siblings who are on vacation) encouraged me to ride a bike with them when I visited them. And believe me, it’s a wonderful discovery. NEXT TIME, I want to discover/ realize that I know how to drive already. haha. 


I want to study Latin, French and Spanish.
I want to study Law.
I want to have a Master’s Degree.
I’m thinking of working in an Advertising Agency.
I want to travel abroad.
I want to love Mj more. hihi.
I want my College yearbook.

Can I have a long talk with my Couz, zarah?
Well, a little time with family and friends is enough for now. 

What do you think?

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