Officially the last day as 21.

Today is officially my last day of being 21.

I just can’t believe that tomorrow I’m 22 already. And as what Mj told me, my nirthday should be the most important day of the year because it’s the day that I was born. *tears* I’m glad that with that statement he seemed to be too thankful that I was born *kilig*. But unfortunately, I didn’t prepare anything for that special day.

I just want Red Ribbon’s Smores cake.

And i’m gonna eat it later with my most-loved couz, Zha, when the clock strikes at 12.

I just wanna be with my super miss na miss mom and sis…but I cant.
I thought I’ll spend the day with dad but he’s home (at Lopez, Quezon). *teary-eyed* Wish I was there also.
Well, I love to spend the day with my MJ. And I will tomorrow.

I have that hobby of jotting down all those who greet me on my birthday with time, so I’m thinking of doing it again this year!…later. Hehe. 

I was reminiscing my past birthdays a while ago, and I just realized that my past two birthdays were too memorable.

2006: I celebrated it with Aillete under my favorite Orion’s belt in our house’s roof, with pizza. Then, Darren showed how he appreciates me.. It’s memorable cause I too much love stars and Orion’s belt. And I love aillette cause she appreciates the smallest details of me. She’s one of the best friends i’ve ever had. Darren is a good friend. Some things are not just meant to be… And I’m happy that he accepted that. *wink*

2007: I can say that it was the BEST. Best efforts made by my angel, Mj. He drove me home (Quezon) and let me spend my day with my most-loved family. It was the most memorable gift that I had ever in my life. Thanks for that dude. Pag naaalala ko, super happy ako. nkasmile ulit. hay…

I just received a call from dad. Mom, Tito Eddie and Kuya Jodel greeted me. It feels good. I love life. 

I’m excited for tomorrow.
Note: the bouquet with heart is made by my budz, Glenn and was given to me on my birthday last year. Thanks budz. i miss you.

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