just a sudden happiness.

July 2 thoughts:

I have a new black peep toe wedge shoe that was impulsively

bought in Alabang Town Center last Sunday and I’m happy about it. Yipee!

But what make me happiest are my “photo with our thesis” (thanks Dust kahit pinilit kita and im sincerely sorry that u didnt find ur thesis. hehe.) and my new Starbucks tumbler which is made with 81% total recycled content, 28% post-consumer recycled content. hehe. i took a pic of them together. yihee. There are just some simple things that have big impact in a person’s life.

July 12 thoughts:

I suddenly felt happy. Everything’s just right and in its place.=) i’m being patient and it doesn’t happen all the time. He’s with me, that’s why. 

I want a good tan on a rainy day!

For what happened lately, I just felt numb. Well, I saw it coming but I was too insistent. I have several thoughts in mind and my mind is restless…
too much restless. I’m uber stressed but I won’t let this happen again:

(I don’t know when was this taken but I’m perfectly sure that it was also the time that I coincidentally sit beside a snatcher…thrice. I was too pessimistic.)
So I’m just quoting a good friend and one of the most intellectual woman I know—Jaymee for the following indispensable thoughts:
…that patient people are the hardest to find nowadays. Everyone just seems to be into the whole “instant” generation… instant food, money, job, relationships, sex, what have you! Whatever happened to the sacrament of waiting? Doesn’t a home cooked meal that was prepared for a while taste way better (and a lot more nutritious!) than an instant noodles? Isn’t waiting for the right career or the right person so much more worth it than settling for any available job or a one night stand? I may be guilty of being impatient at times but I still remind myself that “Good things come to those who wait” and I couldn’t agree more.

…that “Honesty is hardly ever heard. Everyone is so untrue.” (As the song goes!) I don’t understand how some people find pleasure in deceiving and manipulating others. How can they sleep peacefully at night? It just makes me wonder why they can’t just be true to the world and to themselves when in the end, the truth is bound to be discovered anyway. I don’t know why some people don’t want to admit they have flaws. What are they scared of? Nobody is perfect anyway. We all have skeletons in our closet. But owning up to it makes a whole lot of difference… it gives you a feeling of peace.

…that when it comes to romantic involvement, the men who just keep talking will never end up walking. I have learned to observe what they do and not listen to what they say. Talk is so darn cheap! Following through with action is the true acid test.

I believe in Miley Cyrus: There’s always gonna be another mountain, I’m always gonna wanna make it move. Always gonna be an uphill battle, sometimes I’m gonna HAVE TO LOSE. 

I’m too much happy with my girlfriends. I enjoy our super long intimate talks over a cup of coffee and I’m looking forward for more of these! 

I love you girls.

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