Ninoy as a President: NO!; Single: YES

I’m thinking of sleeping early tonight, maybe 9pm is a good idea, but I think I’m too pre-occupied of so many things around me and quite a few things that happened to me for the past weeks. My mind’s like a balloon that will explode any moment from now because of too much helium and several circumstances are still making efforts to put more of it and maximize the space of the balloon. Simple.
I just checked my livejournal, facebook, multiply and Friendster account and realized that I haven’t updated them for long. Maybe it’s one reason why my mind is full…too full. Maybe I need to write something about some things lately.
My stand in “Ninoy as President” is a NO. I believe that there are so many things to be done.  Just like Inscrutable, I must agree with Gary Olivar, deputy presidential spokesman of PGMA, who asserted that Noynoy must be “his own man.” It’s true, if Cory didn’t die last month, they might not think about Noynoy as a “President.” I mean, I’m not against Noynoy but hey, this is a big risk. He should know that he has a very minimal proof of his competency and he really indeed has to learn and prove a lot to deserve to be called as “President.” Alright, I’m not hardcore in the field of politics, I had a taste of it but I’m not updated anymore. I’m now just like any other Filipino who works 5-7 days a week and would rather spend the night talking and drinking with friends than scrutinizing each and every person in the political arena. But with that lifestyle, I represent most of the Filipinos, and that means I have the right to say that I don’t think that Noynoy is incompetent but he still has to prove himself to be the RP’s president.
I miss running, dancing and yoga. Good thing I have my cousin with me who never fails to help me prioritize learning new poses and yoga disciplines every weekend.
 I’m now living independently in QC during weekdays and I’ve got new friends and have more time with old girlfriends who used to be teasing me for being too busy and good for not attending gimmicks. Haha. I love them. I’m single (for those who sent me PMs asking if it’s really true, yes, it’s true and don’t tease me for being one because I’m enjoying it) but I’m dating from time to time. But I’m not in real hurry though I miss having someone to care for and to tell how my day was. I receive messages from a few guys asking for chances but hey, I just can’t really be unfair to you, everyone matters and what you feel matters to me so please stop acting like I said that I’m really falling in love with you because I was just being nice to you by replying to your messages or answering your calls and it disheartens me knowing that you’re planning ahead because you thought there is “US”.
This is the saddest part, when you’re not into a serious one, and trying not to get too attached and someone just took your ‘nice’ actions into something really serious that will break hearts. I want to touch hearts, teach minds and transforms lives…but I always want it to be positive…a growth for everyone. Well, I show it if I like a guy but I make sure that there’s an alarm whenever my actions show the “WE CAN EXCLUSIVELY DATE” sign. It’s not that I don’t want to be in a serious relationship but I just don’t think that the timing is right and I still have doubts with the person…maybe.
Just recently, I think I like someone. Given a chance, I would love to be called as his girlfriend and leave the good single life I’m having right now. Hell yah, I’m saying this! Whaaat?!?  Haha. But this is the hardest part, when you started with no strings attached then you’ll realize one day that you’re too trapped in the routine and just can’t live a day not knowing how he was. Well, I still can endure this actually but I don’t know if we’re both scared to be in a relationship or just testing the waters. I don’t want to figure out whatever is happening or whatever it is that we have for each other, I just like this feeling because I last felt it eons ago. I JUST LIKE THE FEELING OF SMILING FOR NO REASON AT ALL. I’m not in hurry, it’s just he’s the best guy at the moment, and there are several actions that make me feel that he wants “US” but …. I don’t know what’s the but. Well, enough of this. Haha. I’m just in the wonderful idea that maybe, I’m on the first step of falling in love again. Haha. Anyway, I don’t think he knows that I like him because I’m talking about different guys as we talk. Hehe. Wrong move. Well, maybe it’s a good thing, diba?
Tomorrow is my IJM anniversary in ABSCBN. Thanks Gwen for reminding me, we used to be together in this but I know you’re happy now. I’m happy at work, but not fulfilled.  I’ll have a good day tomorrow!
You should know if the person is worth it because the fulfillment in true love is worth the wait. And it feels good to be accepted and cared for always…but the best part is when you smile with no reason at all and everything seems to be right.
Greenwich tayo! Haha.

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