That’s why I love talking to Jaymee.

Some year-end thoughts of Jaymee that I too much love.

*Money can’t buy class, a diploma doesn’t mean smart, and influential surname doesn’t equate breeding.

*Even if it’s your favorite, you can’t have fried chicken everyday because if so, it will no longer be special. Same goes for life. It can’t always be rainbows, butterflies and happy times. Darkness has to be experienced to appreciate the light.

*Never underestimate people. The ones you thought who will less likely to deliver the goods could actually be the one to set you on fire.

*You were born an original, don’t die an imitation so be who you are, do what feels right and fuck what society dictates.

*Too many boys, not enough men. It’s self explanatory. Sad but true. And a lot of women agreed. EVIDENCE: Bulk of comments when posted on Facebook and Twitter.

*Typical Insekta. This is what a friend and I call the fair-skinned, long haired, slender, doe-eyed, soft voice and giggles, “helpless & naive” looking girl that Filipino men see as girlfriend material. I still don’t get this one. I find most of them insanely boring or pretentious virgins. (“Chupa? Um… what’s that?”) OH PUHLEASE!!!

*Jennifer Anniston. If someone as hot, successful & famous like her is having trouble keeping a man, is there still hope for “normal’ single women out there?! Good luck.

*Society. Fuck what they impose and fuck what they think. Each soul should be allowed to walk the path it chose without judgments.

*Bubble Burst. Sometimes it’s best to shut up and enjoy being high on your own. Telling it to someone jaded is so NOT a good idea even at a desperate time to share the happy moment.

*Women Replacing Men. Some great, single, straight female friends confessed that they are already considering saying YES to lesbian suitors due to hopelessness on men. Sad to know that men are falling short on their duties that women are considering options that are NOT in their DNA.

*Lovers Tonight, Friends Tomorrow. My favorite song from Dave Matthews Band. Is it possible? It’s complicated because someone will end up wanting more… unless if the sex is hot and the friendship is not or vice versa.

*The Serenity Prayer. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.” The best prayer I’ve ever heard. Direct to the point, no religious hypocritical blah blah. If prayers are said like this on Church, short but sweet, I’d go to mass more often.

*Tend My Own Garden. In Layman’s term, mind my own business. I’m doing it and others should too. It’s normal to sneak peak once in awhile at what the neighbor is up to out of boredom or curiosity but being at it like an obsessed fan of a soap opera is a dangerous sport.

*Forgiveness. If someone asks for it and seem to mean it, give it. A boy I had a bad blood with from college passed away a few months ago and I only forgave him on the same year. Had I not done it or waited longer, it would’ve been too late & guilt would be eating me alive right now. So forgive because you’ll never know.

*Available quality men are endangered species. They’re either taken or gay. The ones left behind are illegal (way too young) or damaged goods. So if you meet a decent, mature, smart, stable, presentable guy who’s single and treats you well, call the Endangered Species Hotline and box him out! TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM!!!

*Worrying Over Nothing. Some women have the tendency to worry too much. It’s actually just a waste of energy. One way or the other, the answer to your question will pop out. If it’s the answer you want, good. If not, deal with it and come up with a fix. Easier said than done though.

*Do not insist yourself on people. If they like you, GOOD! If not, GO. Next please.

*One size fits all. I don’t believe in such a thing in terms of how to live life. We all have different stories & journeys to go through. Just like clothes, you can go for the one size fits all but you’ll end up looking like everyone else and chances are, the fitting ain’t perfect. If every book has it’s own unique story, what more with every soul?

*Formulas. Problems in real life are not like algebraic expressions where a formula can be used to solve the equation. There is no such a thing as a right or wrong formula. Only an intuition that leads you to do the right thing. Most of the time, we ignore it though. But after all is said and done, we end up saying “I KNEW IT!!!”

*Outlet. People need this to battle with loneliness, low self-esteem, broken-ness, or other human issues. It can be in the form of too much (or too little!) eating, drinking, shopping, bragging, drugging, Facebooking, sleeping around, and other forms of vanity-related addiction. Others are in denial by submerging themselves in their careers by becoming a company slave or so called religion by claiming that God is working on them when in truth, is using God’s name as an escape boat. An outlet done sporadically is normal but as a habit could be quite hazardous.

*Trade Off. As my brother said, there’s always a pro and con to every life you choose to lead. Don’t pick the one where all the benefits are good. Get the one where you can tolerate the down sides.

*Every single girl in her 30s’ nightmare is to be stranded in a social function filled with couples giving you the “Poor single you!” look and trying to think of someone to set you up with as consolation. I HATE THAT.

*I’m on gray area… gradually becoming exhausted with the single life but not quite ready enough for “cohabitated” domestication. Let’s see if black or white prevails.

*It’s a mortal sin to forsake girl friends for a new found lover or long time boyfriends. As Belle de Jour said, a man usually doesn’t ignore his friends for the sake of a shag. Women shouldn’t too. Remember, friends will be the one to pick up your shit if things don’t work out.

*There is nothing harder in life than to be happy for someone else… especially if they just got what you’ve always wanted and dreamed of.

*Pity those girls who use motherhood and married life to validate their existence.

*Short and sweet quotes from SEX & THE CITY SEASON 1. 1) It’s strange to see the life you never had flash before your very eyes. 2)Normal is the halfway point between what you want and what you can get. 3) A strong desire can overcome the biggest fear.

*A temporary occurrence like adolescence can be called a phase but immaturity in adulthood is considered a pathetic lifestyle.

*There’s a silent war between the marrieds and the singles. It’s about winning the WHO’S LIVING A HAPPIER LIFE AND GETTING A BETTER LAY Award.

*Do not make a career out of something that you will never do for free.

*Favorite quotes from author Belle De Jour. 1) Sexy is being pulled together and comfortable in your own skin. 2) Nothing hath charms to soothe the wounded ego quite like alcohol and flirtation. 3) A little of what you fancy always does you good. 4) I know about having a place for someone in your heart. That’s where they go when they don’t have a place in your life anymore.

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