I will rock 2011!

On the first week of the new year, I’ve heard people saying “Now, I’m starting the year right.”  Hopefully, it’s true. Hopefully, all throughout this year, we’ll see many people doing the right and good things.

2nd day in the hospital
&diagnosis was still vague.

Just like last year, I started my “new year” with pain. Haha. Literally, 3 days before 2010 ended, I was admitted to the hospital due to Urinary Tract Infection. The pain lasted until Wednesday, and now, I’m continuing my Cranberry juice diet to normalize the ph in my urine.  Oh well, thanks to the Internet and my Ate Ronnie for this information! Haha. Well, I just have to remind myself all the time to drink lots of water, use cotton undies, urinate if needed, no acids, caffeine, citrus and alcohol. “No Alcohol?!”–>

Oh no! Hopefully, I’ll be okay soon! =)

But I know I’ll rock 2011!

all-smiles Caparros team!

On the first day of the year, I was too grateful to spend the day with all the very few yet important people in my crazy life! I miss my cousins already!

We celebrated the first day of the year with our usual BINGO Galore with our relatives. Mom was the only lucky one to win! But I really enjoyed the non-stop storytelling of everyone while non-stop eating Dear Darla.

Tita Carol: “Ang Caparros, maliit, pango ang ilong, saka maitim.”
Cyra: “Parang pag sinabing Caparros, ako ang image model Tita ah!”
Tita Carol: (speechless. Haha.) “…ahmm…kaya dapat ang pipiliin nyo ay matangkad, matangos ang ilong at maputi.

LOL. But maybe if I can’t endure waking up beside him but he has 3 Jaguars and 2 Lexus, we can think about it. =) Haha.

When I got promoted as a Client Services Team Leader on the 4th day of 2011, I knew, I JUST STARTED THE YEAR RIGHT AND I’M NOW STARTING TO ROCK 2011.

Have a blessed and fun year everyone!

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