"Basta pangit, masama ang ugali!"

“Basta pangit, masama ang ugali,” this is the famous saying from my dear friend, Robbie.

With a few experiences on encounter with some “pangit,” I can truly attest to this. It’s always true that real beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it comes from within. I believe that all God’s creation is beautiful and we’re just making it ugly, so we have to be careful in our words, thoughts and deeds.

For me ugly people are those:

…who doesn’t care and is not sensitive to other people’s needs and feelings.
…who brags a lot about him/her self.
…who thinks about herself and prioritize only her condition all the time.
…who doesn’t care and true to him/her self.

Basically, these are the people who doesn’t know what RESPECT is all about and definitely, they’re the ones who are not having a good laugh with family and friends everyday.

But aside from a good skincare and make up, evaluating your own attitude and actions is a good way of staying beautiful and fresh. Always laugh, keep in mind how blessed you are, discover or learn something new everyday and just like what my friend Mark is saying “Good Vibes” to everything!

…but if you’ll ponder on it, ugly people are good to keep because they indeed add thrill and fun to our journey!

What do you think?

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