Wanted: Husband. My daughter left me.

Ganda ng anak ko!

This is a quick blog entry is for my only daughter, Camille Rastrullo Ramin.

Ooooppss! My beautiful baby…

Pasensya nak, walang biyaya ng cleavage.

Sorry nak, I really had to include “Wanted: Husband” in the title because after your dad left me, I realized that I’ve been single for almost 2 years now! Haha.

Just now, I felt that it’s slowly sinking in to my system. This morning, I started to look for Cams upon entering the office. I’ve wanted to tell the stories about my “Health Awareness Day!” and how my eating habits have changed through my doctor’s advice. When I was about to say “Nak, guess what?!” it hit me straight to my senses that… she’s gone.

And the only pink thing that’s left in the office is the “reality mirror” that she has given me with “Mama Cy, Thank you for Everything! I’ll miss you! I Love You” dedication…

I’ve seen a lot of myself when I was starting in Cams that’s why as much as I can I want to teach and point out all the mistakes that I’ve committed for her not to commit the same mistake, for her not to love the same kind of man, for her not to act the same way at work.

When I saw this photo,
I know I’ll cry…seeing how tight my baby’s hold was…

She’s a girl with an untiring heart who always think of others and forgive. (Siya na nahihiya kahit na siya na ang ginago. Haha) She’s turning into a woman of sense and worth and I really like what I’m seeing. How I wish I could teach everything so that her life will be perfect.=)

I love you Nak, we miss you all here.

…the pink, the loudest laugh, the most red lips, the highest tiil…

I’ll always be here, just like the first day Baby…

the last hug I got.

I love you Nak!

Don’t worry, Ill take care of Baby Buz & Tom and remember to save and keep your eyes away from shoes, bags and irresponsible boys…

And always remember to know what you deserve

I’m dying to go to mass, party til dawn, chat and laugh with you soon…

Dong and Machete misses you also.

Keep your eye on the goal, baby!

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