This is a super overdue post. 

I was thinking that Prospecting in the Sales Industry and Prospecting a new partner/ boyfriend have the same process. True?

In a Sales Funnel, Prospecting is the first step and occupies the largest space. Simply because it’s the continuous and deliberate search for new prospects or new needs of present customers. Then, there comes the appointment getting, preparation, presentation, closing, objection, negotiation, then… SOLD!

In both areas, you need to plan your prospecting. You have to collect “suspects” then qualify them. First, you establish the need or the opportunity.

In Sales, everyone can be a prospect. Same with lovelife. But to make the search more exciting and effective, you have to plan out and determine which will be fit for your company and which will be needing your service. No one will buy your service if they think that you don’t offer something different or they don’t see the opportunity for growth using your service. Same with lovelife, right?

So after planning your “prospects,” you have to qualify them. In Sales, you must determine if they have…

A- bility to Pay
W- ant or Need
A-uthority to Buy
R- easonably Approachable
E- ligible to Buy

In lovelife, you must consider the same…

Sources in prospecting can be referrals, Internet, newspapers and other publications, other salesmen or other singles, associates of the prospects, and the prospects himself. But always be reminded that in prospecting, you must put set targets or systematize, look near and far, it must be continuous and deliberate and you have to AIM HIGH TO SETTLE HIGH. Never settle for less.

Why do we need Prospecting?

…for effective use of the Salesperson’s time
…higher sales and income
…replacement of lost customers

Think about it, it will be so sad for you to belong to someone else, when the right one comes along… Prospecting helps one to measure what one deserves and gives one the opportunity to explore.

What do you think?

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