Santa’s wish comes true.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in a relationship. I remember last month, my last blog entry was entitled “Wanted HUSBAND. My daughter left me.” lol. I’m very vocal about how scared I am to be in a relationship again but I was missing it badly. I tried dating several people from all walks of life (sound so diverse. haha) but  I always feel that there’s SOMETHING missing…

…I don’t know what.
…I don’t know why.
…They just felt different and sometimes, empty.

Whenever my friends ask me, “How was the date with the doctor? With the Persian? With the hot guy?” I came up with some excuses like “Hmmm…he’s too workaholic” “He’s too conscious and serious” “We have cultural differences.” 

Believe me, I’ve tried them all. My cousin Zarah used to tease me that I’ve got collections of suitors– old, young, actor, grandson of actor, accountant, engineer, doctor– and I just might end up with a politician! I used to think it was funny because I seemed to be so picky but as time went by, I became desperate and frustrated because I’ll be 25 soon.  I even realized last Christmas that “malamig pala talaga ang Pasko” but I know I MUST NOT SETTLE FOR LESS. I must feel the magic.

Depression became worse during our company’s Christmas party. Everyone should get a “Santa’s wish” during the raffle draw. Most of my co-workers went home happily because they got air coolers, rice cookers, Starbucks Gift Certificates while I got… “Santa’s wish for you is…


It made me feel so down (though I usually divert it to my addiction to work) and asked them, “Where is the new boyfriend?” Haha. But I believed that there’s someone out there and I just have to prepare and be excited to meet him someday.

But 2011 for me is the year of Cyra’s Lovelife.

So, I wished and prayed so hard for God to bless me with more patience and hope that one of the days of 2011, I’ll bump into him and I’ll feel fulfilled with the magic. I went to mass often, I prepared myself physically, emotionally and mentally. My friend Jaymee said that she learned that when you wish for something, you have to be more specific and write it down. So I wrote down those “specifications” and pasted the small piece of paper in my planner, I believe, Santa will be kind to me this year…

now I can check the “new boyfriend” in my 2011 planner.

And I just can’t believe it, just before the first month of the year ended, I bumped into the “specific” guy. Just in a blink of an eye, I felt like everything changed…

It felt so magical. Too good to be true, but Santa’s wish came true.

I’ve got what I deserve.

One thought on “Santa’s wish comes true.

  1. 🙂 Haha. so nice story…..true story… How i wish, mine will be like that also…You're so blessed this year girlaloooo…. I wish you more this coming year. This blog is so nice and very inspiring "for me"… :DGod Bless Always.

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