Random sadness.

For 3 consecutive months, our Client Services Team had reached and exceeded the target Sales for each month and the management just announced it and congratulated us awhile ago during our weekly Sales Meeting. I don’t know why but I felt unhappy about it. 

Maybe I am tired. Maybe I am pressured. Maybe I am hungry.

Or maybe I am feeling that I can do better! Even if I’ve been so swamped in paperworks and as-high-as-mt-apo-tasks, I still feel that I haven’t done my best. Is it because I’m having a balanced life? I’m just thinking that it’s about the hormones. Haha.

Well, I’ll be out of town next week and instead of getting excited for my vacation, I’m now pressured of the business meetings coming up! Proposals are piling up! 

Now, all I want is a hug from Taku and a very good dinner.

What do you think?

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