Is it a girl thing?

I always feel this.
It’s a big problem.
Sometimes, I’m feeling extremely happy, then sad, confused, bored, nervous… I don’t know.
And definitely, the person closest to me, especially my boyfriend, is the one suffering because I complain a lot. Haha. Is it a girl thing?

I cleaned up my closet this morning because I have some clothes from the past weeks’ travels, then I found some shirts and tops which are with the same style but in different colors. Weird.

I didn’t even realize that I have them! But why?  
I suddenly felt that I am abnormal.

Aside from the clothes, I found my shoe rack which is chock-full of shoes! Goodness!
Is this a girl thing? I’m not even wearing all these!

Having mood swings.
Having clothes in same style but different colors.
Having shoes I just wear once in 3 months (I think!).
Girl thing?

Maybe not, I am just weird and I have to thank all the people who are sacrificing and holding on even if I AM ABNORMAL. 

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