Grew up fast.

Once I heard this from a friend,  “that’s the good thing about time, it flies.”

“It’s funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything’s different”.

From my old blog (Sept. 2008): It’s so amazing how time flies so fast. How the handwritten became typewritten, how Betamax became DVD, how penpals became phonepals and eventually became textmates, how porridge was made available in an “instant” packaging to substitute the used-to-be Lola’s merienda during my childhood, how Daddy gave me freedom to live on my own without hearing his usual loud voice when scolding me, how Mommy stopped me from crying from the usual life intrigues, how my friends who used to be Mama’s girls became Mom’s with girls,how my dreams seem to be closer, and how my number of so-called “friends” were trimmed down into half but now more fulfilling since they’re more precious and true…

This afternoon, after watching so many footages of the catastrophe in Japan from CNN and NHK, I reassessed my life and priorities. I stopped for a while, cleared my mind and let the most indispensable things to float in my mind’s surface. And just like any other Filipino (we have very close family ties), I realized that my family is on the top of the list of my priorities, then my boyfriend and friends.

I had a chat with my Dad. He’s a strict dad but he talks about everything with me now, I knew then that time flew and I grew up. I’m the eldest and that maybe the reason why I am amiable according to my mom, I had responsibilities at a very young age.

I was 11 yrs old at a Family Reunion.

I grew up well. I have great parents, they are my superman and wonderwoman or maybe, my malakas at maganda. 🙂 They didn’t have degrees (Mom’s an Economics undergrad and Dad’s a Civil Engineering undergrad) that’s why since we were kids, they taught us to be independent and they instilled in our minds that we will be the one to teach other people how to treat us and that RESPECT will always be earned and will always matter. They said they want us to have a good life and have better choices

at my college graduation. Mom’s hair looks weird.

It’s amazing how parents love their children.
It’s amazing how they sacrifice for their kids’ good life…(because they’re the fruit of their love, as they say)
It’s amazing how they make their children feel secure, that everything will be alright the next morning.


I used to hear from Dad, “I should have given you the life that you deserve.” And I always say, “you’ve given us the best life. It may not be perfect, but it’s the best.” It rips my heart to listen about his frustrations and I always want to shout “Dad, we’re OK!” but I think it’s not enough to say that I had a good life and with no regrets, I must show him that I am indeed having a good life and it’s all because of him and Mom. 

Talk with parents makes me feel good all the time. I can still remember when I first asked Mom to enroll me in school…I was too young. haha. Time flies so fast, Charmaine and I are now grown ups. AND I BELIEVE , IT’S PAYBACK TIME.


My uncle  was drunk today and he talked to me and said, “if me and your dad will die soon, remember that you and your cousins have blah blah blah.”  I didn’t want to hear it but the two of them say that often whenever they get drunk. LOL.

Here’s my blog entry last 2009 about them when they were drunk:

Usapan sa “matatandang” baso.

I am definitely blessed.

2 thoughts on “Grew up fast.

  1. i love you're right it's payback time..thank you for everything..your the best sister in worl…your my idol,you're my inspiration..your the reason why i have lots of talents..i want to be like you since i was a child..and admiring you so much lead me to the right path..<3 ❤

  2. As I told you, in the time like this, I really think how fortunate I am that I can stay together with my family. I'm glad to hear that you are also having a quality time with your family.Speaking of priorities, I totally agree with you. What we should focus on is first happiness of ourselves, then family, friends, and so on.There are many temptation and distraction in this world, but what we should focus on is happiness.

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