Richest Person in the World 101

When I woke up this morning, I realized that I have a new goal: to be one of the richest person in the world.

I came to realize that goal because when I looked at my wallet before going to work, I only have 66 pesos. I was surprised and thought of the things I’ve done yesterday. Then I realized that I ate out and gave money when I heard the mass.

It was a mixed feeling.

The fare going to the office is tricycle ride- 6 pesos and Shuttle ride- 60 pesos. Brilliant! No excess! No contingency fund! I was so careful in my action because any move and delays could affect things. I might miss the shuttle and pay more and I don’t have the capacity to do it! LOL.

I looked at my planner and all my notebooks (I’ve got so many notebooks because I get high whenever I have new one) where I wrote down my 5 years plan, then I grasped that I’ve so many plans but I am so financially illiterate.

Savings= no movement.

          Don’t reprimand me on this again. I know what to do, I’ve read a lot on this, and yes, I’m just stubborn. But I’m very good in budgeting, but not for my own money. Tomorrow’s a new day, a new payday! So, I’m going to think of more ways on how to be one of the richest people in the world. Oh well, I have a long list of expenses monthly (rent, life insurance, Mom’s SSS, other insurances, credit cards, allowance for our home in the province) but the hell with those things! LOL. I know that I’m living life and I’m being a good daughter and friend (Excuses for not being responsible in handling my money). Aside from that a successful businessman said that to be rich, we have to value our relationships and our people.

          Mom reminded me today that I have to buy her a flower farm for their retirement. Oh no! Flower pot, I think, that’s possible! J

          I have to spend the whole night for my serious planning. Yahooo! Dan Guiam, watch out! LOL.

Dear Savings,

Please don’t leave me. Please stay in my bank account for long.
I need you. 
I really really need you.



One thought on “Richest Person in the World 101

  1. Haha I'll be sure to watch out! We're in both situation right now pero alam ko na magagawa natin. I believe in you cause you're Super! you're the one and only Super Cyra! Good luck and See yah at the top! 😀

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