This is my routine lately.

Sad Monday: Work + Talk/ Email Taba
Patient Tuesday:   Work + Weekly Sales Meeting + Jogging with Mhe and Donna + Talk/ Email Taba
Hardworking Wednesday: Work + Dinner with Friends + Talk/ Email Taba
Thirsty Thursday: Work + Jogging (depends on the situation) + CS Manila Thirstday + Talk/ Email Taba
Happy Friday: Work + Out with friends/ Home in Las Pinas + Talk/ Email Taba
Lazy Saturday: RANDOM activities + Talk with Taba
Laidback Sunday: Attend the Mass + Yoga class with Zha + Talk with Taba

But since I have upcoming trips, and I have to fix my laptop, I have errands to attend to. Last night, I was busy organizing my things then right after everything was fixed as I opened my door, I found out that my closet was broken! I wanna shout and cry! 😥

Then, I found a solution! It looks so minimalist but I think I’ll opt to hang all my clothes so that I’ll see them easily!

DISCOVERY: For the past months, I thought I need to buy new bags because I’ve been using the same bag. But I’ve proven that my bags were just kept in my broken closet. Haha. Now, I have NO RIGHT OF BUYING A NEW ONE. Haha. Save Cyra!

The disaster, the resolution and the discovery!
And my mind’s preoccupied of thinking of a new blog and site name because someone’s using the same name but the “-” is placed in a different place and she started earlier than me. Huhu. I’ve been haunted by the “need” to provide it as soon as possible. 
“Taba, be creative kasi!”- Takuya
At the moment, my mind’s preoccupied of the thought of seeing my boyfriend again! He even sent me a spreadsheet of our schedule! Haha. I have to do my research.

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