Writing, please come back.

I am talkative.

I garrulously say a boring and nonsense story most of the time and I like it when somebody listens. That’s why I love my boyfriend because he listens to me no matter how nonsense my stories are. Haha. Well, in return, I laugh at his jokes. The next moment, you’ll hear me chortling while everybody thinks that I’m slightly loopy simply because we listen and laugh at each other’s zany stories and gags, shamelessly.

This is not supposed to be about him. 

This is about me going back into writing (I got a degree in AB Broadcast Journalism, believe it or not) and writing not liking me. 

As I surf the internet and search for interesting bloggers online, I become jealous of their writing skills, juxtaposing to mine (self-criticizing this time). My thoughts are too far away from each other and it reflects in all my write ups.

There are many things for me to work on.

FOCUS. I should work on this one big time. The only solution that I’ve thought of is to write down all my thoughts randomly and choose the one that I can expound and talk about.

KNOW IF IT MATTERS. Sometimes, I over think of what my readers need or what I need to talk about so I often have problems with eliminating unnecessary words.

COHERENCE matters. Most of the time, because of my vague and jumbled thoughts, I write ideas that are not connected with one another and it sucks.

TELL A STORY. BE INSPIRED. BE ORIGINAL. I want to be a story-teller and my lasting reverie is to transform even a single life through my stories.

But I believe I still have hope. Just like what William Zinsser said in one of the greatest books about writing On Writing Well, “You learn to write by writing. It is a truism worn thin by repetition, but it is still true, and it can’t be repeated often enough. The only way to lean to write is to force yourself to produce a certain number of words on a regular basis.”

I’m up to the challenge! I just hope there’s someone who’s up to criticizing my group of words.

One thought on “Writing, please come back.

  1. Looking forward to more interesting stories! :DYou're good at it… you just have to believe.Maybe you just got a writer's block now, but it too shall pass 😀

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