She’s the person who has the most influence in my life, literally, not just because she’s my mom but because she’s very good in her craft…motherhood. She’s very shy whenever someone praises her on how she managed to raise her children well (well, I guess we’re good kids kahit papano. Haha), she’ll lightly hit the person while joking that “90% of how a child thinks and behaves comes from the mother’s genes so every guy should marry a beautiful and smart woman to have beautiful and smart children.” Haha.

I hope to be a good mom too someday, just like her.

Whenever we go home, we’re thinking of how simple our lives were when we were kids and how she and dad managed to push us to go after what we were aiming for. She used to say, “Nothing’s impossible.” No one can beat her record. She has the loudest voice whenever she wakes us up in the morning and reminds us on the good and right things. She cooks and bakes foods that are so mouth-watering, had the longest patience in listening during our after-school-storytelling, and has the undying fashion sense and sweetest laugh. She’s also a good sales person, convincing me that “balut” will make my brain slow, that lack of water is the cause of my pimples (when I was a high school sophomore), that I should be nice to everybody for fate to be nice to me as well, and that “every pimple, blemish and wrinkle in my body is a sign of a life well-lived.” She’s a perpetual teacher and friend, I’ll always be grateful to have her as my mom.

To the most patient and loving woman for us, happy birthday & Happy Mother’s Day!

We love you.


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