Do you like Japanese Food?

I used to do the photos above because of the Long Distance Relationship but Taku was re-assigned in Manila and of course, hello happy days for me!  

But… I am not spoiled.

I still smell good and look good. Haha. I know, I don’t think I’m gifted with humour (sigh). Kidding aside, I don’t think Takuya’s spoiling me.

        Or maybe, yes! But I spoil him too… and I think it’s normal to treat someone special to you very nice and make his/her day extra-ordinary special, every day. The truth is, at this very moment, I feel like our relationship is old because we seem to know each other very well and our values are so much alike despite of the cultural difference, but I also feel like our relationship is new (just months together!) because we always have new things to try and places to go! 

         Ordinary lazy weekends and busy weekdays seem very interesting, simply because HE FEEDS ME VERY WELL.

…then he’ll look at my fat arms, which he calls as “marshmallows,” and will say, “I think I’m feeding you very well” followed by touching them. The saying “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is not applicable for me but eating Taku’s Spaghetti and other food that he’d prepared, I realized that the saying is true. 
         I thought I’m not really into cooking (but yes in eating!) but lately, I find myself excitedly thinking about what to cook and learn to cook soon. 

this was taken during Sake Night, the house party that he hosted.

I think I was inspired by Taku. He’s very passionate in cooking that he even dreamt about having a cooking show! And I think the reason why we’re working hard and saving money now is for us to be able to produce a Cooking Show with a Japanese Guy with the big butt as a host! That would be cool– Japanese Jollibee. Haha. (Joke Taba!)

Look at all those things on the table! I don’t understand! Haha.
He loves cooking like crazy! His kitchen is full of seasonings and ingredients that make me crave and just think about what he’ll cook next during lunch break on weekdays!
            Yes, I like Japanese Food but not to the point that I’ll get used to it so much and feel like I am just eating Adobo like what I’m feeling now! I find myself so familiar with the Japanese taste that I crave for it a lot. I even got interested in learning how to cook Okonomiyaki, Taku’s favourite, Osaka/ Kansai Prefecture’s famous food that I always crave. 

I love Okonomiyaki Boy!
                 We love good food and it’s so fulfilling that now, we cook our own pancake, French toast, lunch, dinner and even merienda! For sure, we’ll be able to save money for our upcoming trips, future businesses and cooking show! Haha. But seriously, it’s very rewarding to eat food that you know was carefully prepared and cooked and it’s even more rewarding to cook for someone that you care for, I like the feeling that I know that he’s eating something healthy. We’re on our 6th month and knowing him more each day makes me realise how lucky I am to have this small-eyed chef.

                I know now why his pick-up line was “Do you like Japanese Food?” 
               Fine Dining, Izakaya or simply at home, he delivers.

4 thoughts on “Do you like Japanese Food?

  1. Thanks Sheila! :)He's so much patient with me and my tantrums. haha.Agree, and you'll definitely love cooking too! I wanna enroll to a short course in cooking or baking one of these days! I miss you! 🙂

  2. This is so touching 🙂 I am not a big fan of Japanese food but if someone so special would cook it for me with love, I would definitely love the food 🙂

  3. Oh my! Thanks for visiting JC! Sa CS Manila IronChef, ask Taku to cook! Haha. I don't know the authentic taste eh, so it would be nice if you'll be the one to judge Okonomiyaki boy's okonomiyaki. haha.

  4. okonomiyaki is my favorite Japanese food! i haven't found any restaurant yet here in Manila that closely resembles the taste of okonomiyaki in Japan!

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