I crave for KOREAN. Haha.

           Koreans are everywhere in the Philippines, even in television. Filipinos are so much into Korean Culture that upon riding a cab, you’ll hear Korean songs being played on the local radio and hear people talking about Korean dramas or Korean Novelas when you pass by the Filipino Sari-Sari store!
         There was a time that I had a business trip in Cebu and I was astonished upon noticing that almost 80% of the hotel and resort guests in Mactan and Cebu City were Koreans! English tutorials and schools are everywhere catering to the growing market of Koreans considering the cheap and effective way of learning English. 

          Philippine Primer, a monthly Japanese Magazine with a readership of 40,000, that promotes the Philippines to the Japanese community, even took a step last year to support the growing market of Koreans in the Philippines by introducing Korean restaurants, spas, performing arts schools, and other businesses in the country to supply everyone’s craving for the taste of the culture!

         Six months ago, I thought I wasn’t influenced by anything about Korea but I realised that I was craving a lot for Kimchi and Bibimbop! I even spent 24 hours watching a Korean drama Personal Preference or known in the Philippines as Perfect Match, and spent the next day dreaming of finding my “Gino” (Lee Min Ho)! (Well, not a long time but I actually found my Gino. Wohoo!)

      Anyway, I spent a day in Tagaytay to have a taste of the famous Raja– Korean supermarket, internet café, spa, and AUTHENTIC KOREAN RESTAURANT! Yehey!

with Ms. Helena Kim of Raja Tagaytay and  Ms. Mimi Endo.
          The owner and General Manager of Raja, Ms. Helena Kim, is so accommodating and fun. She even have this special pool villa in Puerto Azul that you can rent for a getaway and she’s into golf too so you can ask for her assistance in Golf Booking anytime at +63.917.880.0917.

          What I love about Korean restaurants is the unlimited side dishes that are served before the main dish, I swear I can request for the waitress to get me 5 sets of side dishes the whole time I’m eating! Haha.

This is actually the “BEFORE” when my Japanese friend, Mimi, and me ate at Raja:

Mimi san posed in her before pig-out moment. haha.

And here’s what happened after…
the lighting is crazy! haha.

In the city, I love Bada Korean Restaurant and Song Do Korean Restaurant at the 2nd Level of El Pueblo Real, ADB Avenue cor Julia Vargas St. Ortigas Center, Pasig City. You can always call them at +63.2.636.4821 or +63.2.636.3626. I love their Bibimbop and yakiniku.

with the ever-friendly Song Do staffs

ARA Korean Restaurant in Malugay St. Brgy Bel Air, Makati, is a very nice Korean Restaurant also that offers not just good food, but also a very classy and gorgeous venue for your special occasions!

Sometimes, I go Korean at home by ordering the healthiest Kimchi in town (I think! Haha) but be careful because they deliver by bulk! Haha. I had to eat various Kimchi for a week last month because I ordered a lot, at Royal Palace Kimchi! Call them at +63.2.836.8282 or at +63.915.888.3333! I personally recommend the Cucumber and Spring Onion Kimchi though Youlmoo, pogi, cabbage and kaktugi are good also.

I love Kimchi! Thank you, bow.

2 thoughts on “I crave for KOREAN. Haha.

  1. ay yes! ako couz, gusto ko ng Mongolian BBQ! Wahaha. That was the first movie I watched in the cinema! Haha.I was scared of the big faces in the big screen! Haha.

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