LIKE & WIN Paul & Joe Voucher from Philippine Primer Magazine!

Want a makeover? Want it with a Japanese very sophisticated brand like Paul & Joe? 

Philippine Primer, the most comprehensive and leading source about the Philippines in Japanese, is giving away a Paul & Joe Makeover Voucher worth 2,500 until August 12, 2011, with these easy steps:

1. LIKE Promo on Group, your passes to a delicious, fun and relaxed life!
2. LIKE Philippine Primer for Non-Japanese, your partner in “Understanding and Tapping the Japanese Market!”
3. COMMENT on this post indicating your Facebook name and which of my Blog Categories (Laugh Louder, Learn Extra, Love More, Meets World) is your favorite!

Paul & Joe Philippines is exclusively distributed by Prestige Brands Philippines, Inc.

Here’s the latest Primer Event, Primer Night: Understanding the Japanese MarketAnd it wasn’t all serious. Can’t wait to see you have a new look!

5 thoughts on “LIKE & WIN Paul & Joe Voucher from Philippine Primer Magazine!

  1. Hey there,Thanks for dropping by! Yes, people think that it's a Japanese brand but it's not. It's just famous in Japan because the skincare and cosmetics are made and formulated in Japan but it's more like a Japanese brand from Paris. Haha. You should see their packaging, really nice!Can I have your name? I might have some Paul & Joe Beaute voucher and send it to you!Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  2. Wait, I think I read in a magazine somewhere that Paul & Joe indeed has a cosmetics line… therefore it was an offshoot from the clothing line… I think I just answered my own question haha

  3. I miss you Aila! I responded so late, I miss you too and hope to see you soon! Paul & Joe is a Japanese cosmetics brands. I think Nina Ricci was just a guest artist that time or maybe she's an exclusive Make Up Artist for Paul & Joe..hmmm..I'll ask the brand manager. 🙂 I love the Meets World and Love more too! Haha. How are you? I miss you!

  4. Is Paul & Joe owned by Nina Ricci Alagao? I think I saw her doing a makeup demo for the brand somewhere. Hehe. I love your Meets World post mostly but I'm super happy reading those that you post under LOVE more. 🙂 I miss you ate cy! – Aila Apolo on Facebook.

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