Vacation Mode: On

I was dying to have time to write for the past month and I finally sneaked in tonight in my offline journals.

Written at 6:30am on the 16th of September 2011, Boracay, Philippines:

It’s been a while since I stopped and tried to listen to the waves.

Lately, I was feeling so restless and exhausted (I even have a bad voice for 2 months!).  After a few days with some deep cleansing breaths and good laughs with bosses, colleagues, friends, family and Taku, I quite got back to my balance but Taku knows best, I need more and it’s not just going to be a backpacking trip for us, it would be a relaxation and luxury trip.

Taku has been working so hard since he was reassigned in the Philippines last July. He has been working long hours and I never hear complaints like mine (well, since girls are more vocal and emotional, I think I get my balance back when I complain. Haha). Complaining to him is already a luxury to me, hearing his take on the situation regardless of what it is assures and secures me. With him, I feel so intrepid and hopeful.

“Cy, you’ve been working hard, you deserve a break and let’s read a book by the beach.”

Then, we’re off to Boracay.

Our early flight is a bit tiring since there was piled up tasks at work the day before because we’ll be away for 4 days. Despite of having some glitches in checking in the airport, suddenly vacation mode was turned on.

Before taking care of some little things at work that I need to check and double check when I could use my mobile phone again, I noticed that Caticlan Airport was newly renovated. I felt like that was the start of making new wonderful memories of Boracay. I think Boracay trip is a curse to me having some bad things happening after a couple of superb feel-good trip. Well, but this time, I know and I feel that Boracay will be good to me from start to end.

The air was different. The sound was different. It was not my first time but I felt like I was seeing Boracay for the first time, probably from a different angle, different state of mind, better mind, I guess. Haha. We checked in in Regency Lagoon at Station 2. All the rooms were facing the beautiful pool, everyone’s so accommodating, everything’s just right and more than my expectation.

We breathed the air and were amazed by the screensaver-like beach as the sun touches our faces. I touched the white and fine sands and when Taku held my hand going to my favourite Jony’s Fruitshake, I knew this relaxation and luxury trip is going to be perfect.

ONLY RULE: Don’t care about the time and just be spontaneous. Finish a novel and “I am jobless, I’m just on vacation.”

First day was all about feeling good and gratefulness. And the itinerary was:

8:00- 11:00am    Arrival and familiarization. Check in the luggage, wander in d’ talipapa, buy   a native hat, walk in the beach, Banana Peanut Butter and Mango Shakes at Jony’s Fruit shakes at Station 1.
11:00-01:00pm  BBQ and beer at the I love Backyard BBQ that says that “diet is not an option.” Oh! I love that restaurant! Haha.
01:00-03:00pm  Beer and nap at the pool side of the beautiful pool of Regency Lagoon while waiting for the check in.
03:00-06:00pm Swim in the beach, start reading the novel and have a massage.
06:00-08:00pm Chill and watch a movie
08:00-10:00pm Swim in the pool while having a shot of blow job, pina colada and tequila sunrise. It was a nice combination and the bar in the middle of the pool made me love Regency Lagoon more.
10:00-01:00pm Crave and eat Risotto at Cristina’s, walked and slept soundly.

Tomorrow’s going to be a good day.

(Here’s the link to the photos: Boracay: even if we have different “Summers)

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