Never a Gourmet, Always a Gourmand.

Since I started to live independently, I didn’t find much time to cook for two main reasons: I am normally tired at the end of the day and it’s harder to cook for one person (I don’t want to eat the same food for a week!). I didn’t find time, didn’t prioritize learning, so I end up stagnant with the dishes that I’ve learned from my mom years ago.

Maybe that’s the reason why I don’t know about good food. Haha. I think I’m more of a gourmand, not a gourmet. But I believe that the interest of a person is affected on the level of need, proximity or desire of that person on something, I think it’s a matter of distance to the “subject.”

To prove it, step by step, I found myself learning a lot about wines and food. I explore more and take more time in eating (I eat very slowly ever since so 30 mins is 1hr now!); I appreciate the taste and wonder what’s in it and how it’s cooked.

Why does this happen?

Here’s the array of stolen shots of the pastas prepared by Taku for me to eat for the past days:

My favourite is the squid ink pasta. ——->

And because of this new skill I honed, I don’t think I’ll lose weight. Haha.

What do you think?

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