Family Times Two.

Whenever I talk to foreigners, they always talk about how Filipino families are so tight and how we care about each other. In other countries, when you bump to someone with the same family name, most of the time, you just care less or not care at all but for Filipinos, it’s like a magical moment—determining your connection with each other, then thoughts fly so fast that we think that we might be relatives, etc. That’s what good about Filipino values but when we care about each other too much, that’s where complications start. Well, that’s why people are saying “when you marry a Filipino, you also marry his/her whole family! And that’s how you’ll understand your spouse.” Haha. 
Well, today is my (2nd degree) cousin’s house blessing and we had a mini family reunion and played Bingo where I won 100 pesos! Yehey! I just realized that every year when I celebrate my birthday, my cousin Zarah always provide me with a cake! And today, she bought a humongous Black Forest Cake (with dark chocolate and cream cheese) from Conti’s. Well, she actually just want to eat the cake and made my birthday as her excuse (Haha) but it was really sweet of her to give me cake every year. Thank you couz and to her fiancé, Ego, as well!
On my 24th birthday!
Talking about cousins, please don’t forget to vote for my cousin Katchie Mejias as your favourite Hair Stylist in Mega Fashion Crew by liking her photo in Facebook. We’re proud of her dedication in her craft. 
Her mom, our Tita, will tell us stories about how she appreciates the passion of her Katchie seeing her study about her hairstyling even if she’s alone in her room. Who would ever think of a very quiet girl becoming a very passionate Hair & Make Up Stylist? We’re so proud of her and don’t forget to watch het at Mega Fashion Crew at ETC! 

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