Bus to Quezon

When we were kids, whenever we go to Manila, we have to leave at midnight and wait for the bus since going to Manila is a 4 to 5 hour bus ride. I got used to it because my dad used to leave and arrive at midnight every weekend and when I was in college and needs to attend to my SK responsibilities, I used to go home at the same time every weekend.

Aside from the schedule, I developed a skill of feeling and knowing what kind of vehicle is coming since we used to play a “guessing-if-bus-is-coming” game; too many lights are usually trucks, one light is always a tricycle.

I missed playing it with my dad and sister.

I never like air-conditioned buses in the Philippines because they’re too cold (I don’t know if I can survive living in a cold country if I couldn’t stand cold buses).

Today, I went home with my sister riding a non-aircon bus. I like it even if my hair is as hard as stone after the ride. But today, I enjoyed the ride much better cause aside from my head resting in my sister’s shoulders, the conductor of the bus took care of us. There was a drunkard who sat beside me and didn’t stop talking to me and the bus conductor didn’t leave until the man got off. I am so happy experiencing that kind of service since it doesn’t happen that much nowadays because usually people don’t work professionally and we just settle for a bad service from waiters to public servants.

There are many buses going to different parts of Quezon.  JAM Liner, JAC Liner (the very efficient bus with wifi), Lucena Lines and A Liner that usually travel until Lucena. Superlines, Raymond, P & O or Barney and AB Liner are the usual buses I ride until my hometown and until Tagkawayan or Sta Elena, the tip of Camarines Sur which is next to the last town in the south of Quezon. When I was in college, I used to ride in Barney/ P&O a lot because I feel safe but after experiencing the good service of AB Liner, I think I’ll have it as an option always. It was bus no. 620, I just didn’t get kuya’s name but I definitely said thanks.

Aside from the fresh air, I enjoy riding a non-aircon bus going to my hometown because of a number of vendors who go up to the buses to sell my favourite food! I like the “Pinagong” in Sariaya that’s why I always make sure to have the energy to eat them when the bus passes by that town. I like quail eggs, pacencia and broas from Lucban Quezon but I like the most the “puto pao” in Lopez cause my mom makes it. Haha.

It’s so nice to be home. Merry Christmas everyone!

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