Paskong Pinoy

                There’s truly no place like home and Christmas in the Philippines always leaves wonderful memories. Aside from the usual things that we know about the Christmas Pinoy like the “simbang gabi” with puto bumbong and bibingka, and carolling; what I like about Christmas in the Philippines are the Family Reunions especially nowadays that there are many OFWs and this is the season that not going home seems to be unforgiveable and sad for most of us.

                It’s a tradition for a family to all be together on the Noche Buena and Christmas day and I’m wondering if “videoke” is part of the tradition but it seems so familiar and homey seeing a karaoke machine in a family reunion, a Filipino thing. Haha.

I like what Coca-Cola “Happiness project” has done to the Filipino OFWs. After seeing the TV ad, I realized why Coke stays number 1 worldwide: knowing the right thing to do at the right place and time. Coke knows that Philippines is a country with a very close family ties, that Christmas is a very important time of the year and that there are many Filipinos working for their family abroad nowadays and this is the time to touch everyone’s hearts.

I also like how Filipinos encourage kids to look forward to the “birth of Jesus” and perform for everyone before giving the Christmas gifts. I remember the time that I was singing or reciting poems for my relatives while crying because of shyness and maybe, for not figuring out why I needed to do it. Haha. I miss Christmas carols though.

I spent Christmas with my family, helped out in preparing the food and wrapping gifts for all our grandchildren and some friends. As usual, it was tiring entertaining everybody that visits our home but I was very thankful with these little girls, my inaanak, Ashley and her niece, Isay, when they had a fashion show at home.

I enjoyed them so much; I hope they’ll grow as beautiful women. 

Wishing everybody happy holidays! Anyway, for a complete tutorial of Filipino Christmas, here’s Mikey Bustos in his Filipino Christmas Tutorial!

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