She was a beautiful bride.

She was a beautiful bride.

It was one of the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever witnessed.

I thought that I already prepared for the event and will never be emotional but at the moment the church’s door was opened and Zha in a beautiful pink shoes and white tube gown with a very beautiful smile appeared, I’ve proven that “wedding” is part of my long list of I-thought-I-was-already-prepared-for-this memorable moments. 

After 7 years of having each other, they’re now finally Mr. & Mrs. Dilig and words can’t explain how happy I am for both of them. Her hair and make up were so beautiful and done by our dear Katchie and their on-site video, covered and produced by Framed Up Productions, was one of the best on-site wedding videos I’ve ever seen. 

Though my parents missed the event because Dad was rushed to the hospital, I know they were very happy to see the videos and photos and see that the whole family just celebrated love together!

with Taku and my sister, Charmaine.
The Bride is getting ready while cousins were playing.

Guess who’s under the table???
Family comes first… in picture taking. Haha.

And everyone’s just surprised, MVV couldn’t afford to miss the fun.
Then it was time for midnight snack…
And Pareng Jason enjoyed the 2-pc Chickenjoy!

Congratulations Zha & Ego!

4 thoughts on “She was a beautiful bride.

  1. Couz, buti nga yung under the table lang napost ko, meron pa yang "butt show-off" nong party…nakatapat kaya ate mariz. haha. Si Jason naman sarap na sarap sa Chickenjoy. hehe. Love you too and enjoy Singapore!

  2. Wow, thank you cy!!! I laughed so hard when I saw Fyo's photo under the table!!! Love you and thank you for enjoying our wedding party!

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