I got my sanity back!

We just celebrated our first anniversary last month and we decided to push through with our long-term plan to visit the majestic Palawan. Taku was sweet when he convinced me to push through with this trip to refresh my “system” since I’ve been through a lot weeks before that trip. Thanks to him, I got my sanity back. 🙂
Palawan is very beautiful and this amazing experience made me say what everybody’s saying, “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” (The Dept. of Tourism’s tagline is really working, huh?) When I first visited Coron, I stayed in El Rio y Mar and that was a very amazing and serene escape for me but this time, we stayed in their sister resort, Club Paradise, which exceeded our expectations. You may opt to have a tranquil escape from the city (since they just have TV and wifi in their clubhouse) in this island or try out the unlimited things and trips that they offer. But the part that I enjoyed the most was the intimate moment with the sun, waves, a pen and my notebook, a good book and Amoretto Sour. Plus we met a wonderful couple who were in their honeymoon (It was really nice meeting you Irene & Raine!).
Since we were so hooked with video editing that time, we tried to do the storytelling through video and here’s the teaser (haha):
And here’s the whole Palawan experience:
Enjoy the sun and the sand this summer!

Please visit http://hoywherewewere.tumblr.com/ for more. 🙂

(We flew to Busuanga via Air Philippines and flew back to Manila via Cebu Pacific Air)

2 thoughts on “I got my sanity back!

  1. I just read this. :(Yehey! Maganda yung unang video kasi template lang yan sa iMovie sa laptop ni Taku. haha. Yung second, freestyle. haha. Ginawan ng term.It's okay, you can just look at the photos from last year's trips daw while Baby Dilig is still making him/herself healthy! I can't wait!

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