Hunger Games, the next big sequel!

“How I wish the TV Production is that high-tech and systematic,” that was my detached expression while watching the Hunter Games. Haha.

I don’t know anything about the trilogy not until Taku asked me last Friday if I wanted to watch a movie on Saturday. I asked him what movie because I haven’t looked at movie guide since The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo was shown. “Hunger Games,” that’s what he said. It’s actually a story like Battle Royal, a 2000 Japanese thriller film based on the novel by Koushun Takami. Then I looked at the trailer and dreamed about complicated scene and Taku was punched in Africa on a Friday night. Haha.

Watching it, I felt so immersed in the film. I actually didn’t want to watch it since I don’t like the feeling that they were unlucky and living in a place, a “district” in particular (as used in the movie), that they were forced to do something that was against their will, but I was very curious on how the story will go. When the movie started, I was feeling the pain of leaving home and the hopeless situation of dying without a choice and I got so hooked with every detail.

Timing is a big part of Success; we should know how to do things at the right time. Practically, good timing was shown all throughout the film but looking at how the film captured a big part of the market I can say is because of timing. They just released the movie when everyone’s almost done with the phenomena of Harry Potter and Twilightand everyone’s still thinking about what could be the next big sequels. Well, it can be “The Girl with a dragon tattooalso though Hunger Games is easier to grasp for most of us I think.

It’s also a very good timing for the Filipinos to watch, or maybe the rest of the world too, since we have more and more reality shows nowadays. Oftentimes, we get so hook to them and think that everything that they show and say were true and we try to imitate them because they couldn’t afford to lie from several little camera planted in the whole place where they’re contained. That’s why this movie is a reminder on the things that should be important to our lives, that the only thing stronger than fear…is hope and maybe, Love.

I know that this is  just a start of the Hunger Games journey and as it led me glued to its world, I’m going to make myself available to get glued to the next few episodes, may it be from books or film. Happy Hunter Games! And may the odds be ever in your favour!

What do you think?

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