TEDx Makati

I was a big fan of TED since I was in college. It became my habit to listen to the talks before going to bed because they help me to reflect on my own life and think about the more important things in life. I might not having the best life now but I believe I’m living life and I owe parts of it from TED’s influences.

Taku used to volunteer at TEDx Tokyo and I was so lucky that he introduced me the TEDx Makati organizers. After a couple of meetings, finally, we’ve pulled ‘The Big Picture’ off.

As usual, wonderful innovative conversations were all over our favorite cafe (Kuppa) and everyone was so inspired to continue spreading worthy ideas coming in and out of each participant.

Here’s the team leader, Adah, having her welcome talk.

Then, here’s everybody!

We’re hoping for more and more people to become interested with TED, be inspired and will be able to help us spread the ideas worth sharing. Until next event, we hope to see you there!

For all your ideas and (sponsorships! yehey!), here’s TEDx Makati’s contact information:

NOTE: All photos are from TEDx Makati

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