CS Manila for Batad Rice Terraces @ Mercato + Floydy

I think this is the first time for me to talk about Couchsurfing here. I’ve been a Couchsurfer since January 2011 when I was about to travel to Jakarta and whenever I look back, I always recall fun and amazing memories connected to couchsurfing. I met so many wonderful people in CS, particularly in CS Manila. I developed wonderful friendships and have continued doing what I love to do with the people who love them too.

When some parts of the Batad Rice Terraces were damaged because of the typhoon, CS Manila organized a series of fundraising for the rehabilitation of it. I was able to participate in one of them (and was able to eat at Mercato for the first time, too!)

with the very hardworking people who woke up early to make this event possible. 

And here are the lovely people that we have played Laser tag after eating a lot and messing around…

And yes, Taku & I enjoyed Mercato a lot except for the overpriced ‘isaw’ (grilled chicken intestine) that I forced to stuff in my mouth. haha. We have tried the famous Mochiko for the first time and I liked it!

After a few weeks, the i-will-miss-Floyd-moment that we’ve been waiting for came. Sadly, Floyd finally moved to Australia to meet Aussie girls. Huhuhu. Kidding aside, he’s happily moving to a better career that caused us celebration! 

Here are the photos from Jay during the party at Izumi Sake Bar:

with Sara and Shiela
with Sara, Shiela, Taku and Floyd
We miss you Floydy!

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