Stage Girlfriend

I remember how I felt like a Stage Girlfriend a few weeks ago when Taku together with his team won 3rd place and the ‘Best Windows Phone Startup’ in Startup Manila. Haha. I am the number one fan of Taku and I’d offer my short legs for his autograph! Haha. I just wanna say random things. But kidding aside, I was surprised when I accidentally watched his pitch (with an opening line of ‘you might get killed tonight’) in the live streaming of Startup Manila, he was fantastic though his hand gestures are like hands of the lucky cat figurines in cabs. Haha. 

I was in Waide’s party when he told me the good new that his idea was chosen among 200 participants (Well I don’t care if he exaggerated the figure. haha) and that was the first time that I’ve felt and seen him so happy and nervous. He worked so hard to get things right.

But I think why I’m a huge fan of Taku is because of the things in the photo below:

First, he’s too simple that he uses Watson’s mini plastic as his wallet.
Second, he loves to perform without his face and even if his face is seen, he hides his eyes.
Third, he has the skill of leaving his pants or shorts like the shape of his butt wherever he stayed and decided to change. 

Amazing, right? I like seeing his shorts all over the house with the shape of a butt. They make my day. (I hope he’ll not be able to read this. haha)

What do you think?

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