Unlimited Philippines

It’s amazing how everything that is ‘unlimited’ becomes a hit in the Philippines. I remember when I was in Jakarta and when I was looking at the billboard and TV ads, I noticed that everything says ‘gratis’ and I wonder if it’s what help them sell the product to the Indonesians.

So Filipinos like unlimited and Indonesians like gratis or free

Here’s the Globe (one of the largest telecom companies in RP) unlimited call & text ad which I saw in EDSA:

So it’s not just Globe, I remember Sun Cellular was the first to become famous with Unli Call & Text for P15 when I was in college which was a benefit for me since I just want to talk and hated text that time.

Then of course one of the biggest, SMART:

Don’ be surprised why the Philippines is the texting capital of the world. Haha.

Well, since rice is the staple food for Filipinos, why not have the ‘Unlimited Rice?’ Mang Inasal is a very successful example of this then other small food chains or even the small-time food vendors follow:

But it isn’t just Mang Inasal in the big scene, also the famous Japanese fast-food chain, Tokyo Tokyo which has a famous promotion of ‘Eat all you Kan-in’ (Kanin is rice in tagalog).

Well, if you’ll think about it, the unlimited fad is indispensable for the ‘necessities’ (mobile charges & rice are important for Filipinos) but how about the leisure or luxury?

I went to Perfect Swing Driving Range for a meeting and I noticed their ad that says ‘Only 240 on a Two-hour Golf Driving Range Session with UNLIMITED BALLS! 

Then I passed by an aesthetic clinic with an ad of UNLIMITED WARTS REMOVAL.

I feel suffocated of unlimited. haha. Then, why not have UNLIMITED PIZZA WITH UNLIMITED ICED TEA too? Amazing, yea? Papa John’s does it. haha.

I think we’re just thinking of unlimited ideas. Hopefully not ideas on how to make another ad or promo with ‘unlimited.’ 🙂

Oopss! As of June 26, 2012, there’s an addition to the long list of ‘UNLIMITED!’

NOTE: All photos are from the internet.

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