More than a heartbreak

When my sister and I arrived to see dad’s dead body, we rushed to kiss his hands and I sneaked in and put my hand near his armpit like I usually do before we sleep. His hands were already cold but where I placed my hand near his armpit was so warm and I kept my hand in it for a few minutes before it gets cold. After a few hours, a middle-aged guy cried out loud over my dad’s body. I was thinking that he was my brother that dad has been joking around since when I was a kid but it turned out that it was one of his close friends’ son, he’s close to my dad and grieving (turned out it was really just a joke. haha).

I heard several stories about my dad that I didn’t even know he was doing that made me more proud that he is my father. 

People praying for his soul come in and out of the chapel every night and we want to thank them for praying for our daddy as he take his everlasting journey. It was really amazing when I realized how many people was on our side without us even asking them. And when you look at them, they weep and they, too, have lost a friend and a father. 

Dad’s friends sent support, flowers, mass cards and messages that are strengthening and helping us to make it through the day without daddy by our side. Even Sen. Manny Villar, my dad’s previous employer (long time ago) sent flowers and even my Japanese bosses who did’t even know where I live. 

People from different places went to see him day and night. And at night time, we have to borrow 30 more chairs in 5 days. It was amazing.

There are many of our relatives who didn’t leave us every night talking about how he stands up for truth  and his generosity. Daddy’s brothers together with Mommy’s brothers have guarded us and Dad’s sisters together with Mom’s sisters consoled and gave us hugs that we needed from time to time. Just like what other people say, when someone dies, it becomes a reunion which is a sad truth especially when I catch myself saying, ‘kung buhay lang si daddy, matutuwa yun sa…’. But yea, there are unlimited food because people bring food to share to others as they come. We are very thankful. 

On the day of his internment, people who would like to see him for the last time almost filled the church.

I think the moment that will always hurt me was seeing mom in that very moment saying goodbye:

It ripped our hearts to let him go but we know he has to and like what my cousin Zarah told me when she dreamed about him, he’s happy.

We know he never and he will never leave us, we will stick together no matter what because that’s what he taught us (aside from laughing out loud of course! haha).

We would like to thank our cousins, relatives and friends who sympathize with us in this very heartbreaking moment in our family. We will never forget you and may God bless you more!
PS: Here’s our Thank You Card for you! We had a hard time looking for good photos of daddy cause you know, he’s not into picture. If you have some photos with him, please send it to my email: or tag me in facebook/cyracaparros. Thanks!

One thought on “More than a heartbreak

  1. Ate Cy… you are so brave getting these pictures up in your blog. Looking back, I can't still imagine that it all happened to our family. It still pains me to have seen my Dad in the coffin. Loosing a loved one is more than a heartbreak, not any word can ever describe. My heart goes out to you and your family. I know what you are going through. Just please remain strong and keep your faith in God. He'll surely never leave us all. I love you ate! I'm always just here for you! Mwah!

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