Emergency Shoes & DigiCam!

Okay, I had so much fun at Canon Night as Canon Philippines celebrated 15 wonderful and successful years in the Philippines! I had so much fun having good food, being in the beautiful Sofitel Plaza, meeting people and talking about business, wine and Filipino culture which was a very good therapy for me since I was feeling so weird lately and have delayed reaction with Dad’s passing. Well, according to the psychologist, I’m still normal. haha. And it was very nostalgic to see an AA Battery-powered digital camera! It brought back my college memories! 🙂

Funny, another thing, since I couldn’t stop talking about my ’emergency shoes’ and I couldn’t take a good photo of it with its add-on emergency bag, i just vlogged it. Mhe, your the person in my mind. haha. Here’s Katie’s Facebook Account and for each pair, it’s only for 599Php! I just couldn’t stop talking about it and my buddy who listens to me all the time is in a business trip! hay naku. 😦 

(What’s naughty in tagalog? I think I said ‘Im a naughty girl’ haha. My dad’s gonna be mad if he’ll hear that! haha)

2 thoughts on “Emergency Shoes & DigiCam!

  1. Yea,and very comfortable. I'm sorry I forgot to wear it cause I couldn't stop talking. haha. It costs 599Php but I'm not sure if they ship in Singapore. You might wanna email Katie. 🙂 What do you miss about Philippines?

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