Vanity & Savings

So, the photo above is our savings! Yohoo! But as you can see, I’m not suppose to use it for shoes or dress, it says “FOR TRAVEL ONLY” and it’s not even mine alone, Taku put some 10 & 5 peso coins there for the past months! 

We got a total of 3,500 pesos! I thought we have 6,000 already 😦 but I’m wondering where could we go with this! 
Anyway, since I always keep in mind “to save” and I don’t usually buy things that are not “the basic,” here’s something that I do when mixing and matching with what I have:

This is my headband. I put white ribbon in it and made it a necklace. Yey!

Since this necklace is in my closet for so long (given to me by a gorgeous friend, Rochelle) and I’ve found a nice white top, I worn it and took a photo cause I want to remember when Taku looked at it 4 times trying not to laugh. Then he sent me a message during lunch saying “How’s your curse working?” I swear he’s so not into fashion!

But just last week, I had fun having Avocado foot mask with Taku (Korean experience)! Haha.

Look how the guy liked it! Probably, we’ll do this again cause my feet got a bit softer. 
(You can buy this pack from Watson’s)

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