Birthday Surprise!

Since we haven’t seen each other for a few months and the last Sake Night hosted by Taku was almost a year ago, I invited the Couchsurfers in Manila to have a Birthday Eve Surprise Party for Taku! (Though I wasn’t able to invite everyone cause I couldn’t post it in public). 🙂

The above photo was how I kept the decorations (balloons, cartolina, markers, etc) and beers for a few days. Taku almost saw it! haha.

It was very fulfilling to be able to pull everything off without Taku having any clue. I was very grateful to have the CS Manila helped me out in cooking, setting up the apartment and handling the food delivery, and even in practicing their “surprise” blocking! haha.

“I thought you were a bad liar,” was Taku’s reaction at my acting skills. haha. I told him I was going to fit my bridesmaid gown for my bestfriend’s wedding on Sunday afternoon and asked him to join me in the supermarket in the evening while everyone’s dressing up his apartment. 

Then we had a surprise video from some Couchsurfers and his friends (from various places) who couldn’t make it to the party.  It was a very wonderful feeling seeing Taku’s eyes got smaller and mouth bigger with disbelief. haha. It was an awesome night, good friends, good conversations, good food! I felt like it was my birthday! 🙂

Video & Photos by Orlando Cajigal. Check out his works at

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