Hosting + The Look

I think this is one of my favorites among the unlimited interesting things I’ve done with Taku. For the month of October, aside from the Surprise Party, this is the biggest activity that we have –to host a wedding of good friends (who are Japanese & Iranian/Filipina) so we needed to translate the script in English & Japanese for everybody’s convenience.

Above photo was taken on Saturday night while we were practicing and he was so strict while wearing his necktie! 🙂

The hosting was fun and since we enjoyed doing it, we heard some positive feedback like they liked how we pulled things together, we exceeded their expectations (Did they expect that we speak like high school students because we look like one? haha) and remained calm on the stressful changes in the program. My former boss and his wife even reminisced their own wedding! 

But I think the biggest factors why it turned out nicely are because I know my hosting partner a lot that I even know the best time to inject some humor and he knows what are the things that don’t need translations among my random unnecessary information. haha.

Photo taken by Chino Batoctoy
I believe harmony and a little bit “adventure” is needed for hosting to become successful. You should know the program flow but you should not be afraid to tweak some things when the situation occurs. And I also believe that people will like what they hear when they like what they see.

And since I think it’s unacceptable for a “host” not to dress appropriately and sophisticatedly in a very special occasion like this, I think it might be a good idea for me to share to you my attending-a-wedding-look and how I prepared for it.
1. I tried to be unconventional with the shoes.
Color: Gray with Gold Heels
From: Zara

I wanted to have a little twist in the traditional shoes that we wear in weddings and since I usually opt not to buy things that I won’t be able to use again plus, I find it easy to walk with this heels, I didn’t stop myself to have it! I was glad that its safe and elegant colors matched my dress that I got from People are People.

2. Choose lively colors to match the happy moments!

3. I like fake lashes! 🙂 It was my first time wearing them but I was surprised that they weren’t heavy at all! It feels uncomfortable after putting the glue but it feels natural afterwards. I like the drama that it creates in the eyes (with short lashes like mine). And congratulations to my beautiful cousin whom I requested to do my hair & make up, Katchie Mejias, since she was able to fix my ugly eyebrows! I promise not to use eyeliner for my brows again so the hairs will be in order. haha.

4. I don’t usually wear French tip on my nails because I’m saving it for special occasions and I feel like it’s more appropriate to wear it on weddings since it looks clean and lady-like.

So I think we quite pull it off though I made Taku panicked when I said something that the organizer told me to say which I wasn’t able to inform him beforehand and he needed to translate in Japanese right away. With the diversity of cultures of family and friends, it is a wedding that I will never forget, indeed, love knows no boundaries.

And of course, because it’s a wedding of good friends! 
“Together, I believe we’ll change the world” is what the groom said in his vow to his bride which was said in a funny way but sincerely inspired everyone to love.

What do you think?

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