Be Body Beautiful at any age: Spiral Aging

Since I just turned 26 and I am aware about the changes that take place in a woman’s body, I’d like to support Wacoal’s campaign of spreading awareness about the changes in our bodies and how to feel good about it by Being Body Beautiful at Any Age. 

Did you know and did you realize that the skin’s turning point is at 25 years old. How about the body? 

Wacoal’s Human Human Science Research Center, since it’s establishment in 1964, has collected a total of more than 40,000 women’s body measurement and has also tracked and study the changes in their body in the span of 30 years. The results were the changes in body shape brought about by age is a fixed rule that can be drawn in a spiral. In Wacoal, it is called as “Spiral Ageing.”

Spiral Aging is a principle that women undergo three major physiological changes associated with aging throughout a 30-year period from 16 to 46, and that with these as turning points, women experience major changes in their physique.

Around reaching 24-26 years old, once a woman’s body matures, basal metabolism starts to slow down and when women reach 38 years old more or less, a sharp increase in weight occurs as well as other shocking changes. Then there comes 40, the age when work and family demands increased and when weight gain and change in body accelerate. 

We have to be careful about our lifestyle and the way we take care of our body because these contribute a lot to the changes that are happening. The age-related changes can’t be stopped (so take more photos while you’re 20!) but there are ways to slow down or reduce them like exercising regularly, having a healthy lifestyle and diet, and wearing the right underwear. Don’t forget the fun in your lifestyle and relationship too! 

Note: I’ll be blogging about the breast and hip aging soon. Information about the study is from Philippine Wacoal Corporation. You can also reach them in Facebook & Twitter.

What do you think?

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