Khmer Culinary Vocabulary


Even though most of Siem Reap’s bars and restaurants have English menus and majority of the staff speak English, I still prefer to remember some of the useful Khmer words for eating.

I listed some words that might help you with your dining and travel adventure in the majestic Kingdom of Cambodia:

  • Hello (formal): chum ree-up soo-a
  • Hello (informal): soo-a s’day
  • How are you?: sok sa bai?
  • Excuse me: som dtoh
  • I would like…: k’nyom som…
  • Please: som
  • Thank you: Som OrKun/ Aw-ko-oon
  • Bill Please: som ket loi
  • Chicken: sait mowan
  • Pork: sair jerook
  • Beef: sait gow
  • Fish: trei
  • Fried: Cha
  • Rice: Bai
  • Grilled: ang
  • Roasted: dot
  • Water: tuk sot
  • Ice: tuk sot
  • Beer: beer
  • Red Wine: srah krohom
  • White Wine: srah sor
  • Cola: coca
  • Coffee (hot): ka-fei (gdouw)
  • Coffee (cold): ka-fei (tuk kork)
  • Tea: dtai
  • Milk: tuk duh goh
  • Sugar: skor

As a traveler, always remember that you have to keep your mind open and be more flexible to the country and people that you’re visiting. In Cambodia, since English is not their first language, there might be some point that even if you speak English slowly, they might not understand so always be patient and remember these words.

Or Kun!.

(Info from: Pocket Guide Cambodia)

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