Coffee in Cambodia

Having coffee in a nice cafe while reading a good book or having a beautiful conversation is my second truest form of relaxation (click here for the “first”) so wherever I go, I look for a place where I can have a quality time with my thoughts and self together with a cup of coffee.


A few weeks ago, I went to Siem Reap and since Cambodia uses USD a lot, I was attracted with “Air-con, Wifi, $1 Coffee” sign and with a testimony from a friend, Tonyo, I checked out Bloom Cafe.


Aside from the $1 Coffee, Bloom Cafe offers Khmer food and popular Western dishes where it claims that NO MSG or chicken powder is used or put in every dish.


But it’s not just what made me so interested with this cafe, it’s the opportunity for anyone to visit their workshop where they make bags from old rice and animal feed sacks.


I am so in love with their bags and other accessories for sale which according to Tonyo (when he had the chance to talk with the owner) have been helping Cambodian mothers to earn a living for their families, raise their kids properly and develop self-esteem (through working) to help them value themselves more.


BLOOM CAMBODIA RECYCLED BAGS started in 2006 while the cafe just opened in September 2012 (This is the time that I’m so grateful that the owner thought of opening a cafe. Yey! Haha)

But the Bloom Garden Guesthouse (since 2010) is Tripadvisor’s Traveller’s Choice 2012 and Top B&B/Inns in Asia (only one in the list that’s from Cambodia). Visit their website at


Everyone who came to see the majestic Angkor Wat might have been to The Blue Pumpkin in Siem Reap as well because it’s just like “Jollibee” in the Philippines… everywhere, like 7-11. 🙂

I didn’t do much research before my trip to Siem Reap but since Tonyo always tweet “We’re at Blue Pumpkin,” I got interested and tried it…not once but EVERYDAY. Haha. 


TBP has six (6) separate locations across town now, all with Free Wi-Fi Access. You can find TBP at the following area:

  • Old market
  • Sivatha St. 
  • Airport
  • Artisan’s d’Angkor
  • Angkor Silk Farm
  • front of Angkor Wat
I first went to TBP in Old Market after a dinner in Pub Street and I couldn’t stop my excitement upon seeing this sign: (How cool is cool lounge?!)

Upon seeing the “cool lounges,” I requested to the manager, who happened to be a Filipino, to let us sit in the cool lounge. 🙂


Here are who I spent most of my Blue Pumpkin days and nights with (and the people who discovered that there are TBP amazingly in Phnom Penh as well), my Indonesian roommates/friends- Dita & Chichi


The Blue Pumpkin is a cafe and bakery that also serves pasta, salad, sandwiches, burgers. Their pastries and desserts are one of the bests that I’ve ever tasted! My recommendation are Cinnamon Roll (actually try all of the pastries if possible) and Apple Pie La Mode (it’s actually an apple tart with pineapple sherbet and puff pastry), I think it’s the best in Southeast Asia!

The slices of apple are crunchy and juicy that goes well with the pineapple sherbet together with the pastry that really melts in my mouth. Oh! I wish there’ll be one branch in Manila!


I also tried Mojito and some of their smoothies that are surprisingly cheap. I planned to drink a lot and just sleep in their “cool lounge” that didn’t happened. Haha.


The Blue Pumpkin
563 Mondol 1
Svay Dang Kum
Siem Reap, Cambodia
TEL: (855) 063 963 574
FAX: (855) 063 760 742


Proof that we love The Blue Pumpkin so much, I googled The Blue Pumpkin and found that my Indonesia friend, Dita, blogged about it too. Haha. You can also read this for reference.🙂

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