Goodbye Amsterdam.

They say that a bestfriend is someone that even if you haven’t spoken with for years, the friendship remains the same no matter what and when you start talking, it seems like you never fell apart.

I feel like a kid now.

I drafted this post 3 days before Roxanne got married because I want to express how happy I am for her and how beautiful she is but all I can put were photos and the feeling was really hard to explain. I started crying morning of Saturday, the day that she’s getting married because of mixed emotions but when Taku started to laugh at me, I realized that I should get over the feeling and get going for the wedding ceremony.

“Before we get married buddy, let’s go to Las Vegas or Amsterdam,” it was a promise between us in our younger years that won’t be possible to achieve now. 

She’s my summerbuddy, we became bestfriends during our summer classes in college. Like some couples, our relationship could not be measured by length of being together but its depth. Coming away with her in Amsterdam was not a “pure” (we have a different context of the word) plan, it was because we value being young and marriage so much that we would like to live our lives to the fullest and experience all the crazy mundane things that ever existed in this world (In short, “kabastusan”) before finally settling down and have the most beautiful family in the world!  

Back then, she felt like marriage was not for her. She couldn’t see herself committing herself fully to someone. She has been always true to herself and has always been my mirror on things. She’d tell me if I’m wrong, she’d tell me if I’m right. She’d cheer me up when I feel bad, laugh at me then be straightforward when I look bad. 

She dreams with me and get crazy drunk, she’ll dance non-stop and laugh non-stop.

But what I always love about her is she speaks out, talk things out but never insist that I need to believe in her because she is right. She trusted me from the very first and she remained by my side no matter what. 

Through the years, Roxy taught me things that no one could ever teach:

1. A true friend will always be there for you and will never judge you.
2. No matter what others say you are, don’t care and follow your heart.
3. Sometimes, we get so sad that some people turn us down, but in reality, it doesn’t matter because they don’t care about us. As we get older, we’ll learn who matters and who we should value.

She’s one of those people who live a quiet life, simplicity at its finest, not bare but full of laughter. She carried herself very well that I am very much proud of.

And now, I don’t care that the Amsterdam getaway won’t happen anymore! When I think about how happy the two of us now, I couldn’t think of writing our stories any better. 

Thinking about her getting married made me worried and scared. But I trust her so much and I know this is one of the best decisions she ever made. I know that what she feels is true, there is just one person in your life that will change your life forever and is just in perfect fit. When he comes, all the questions is answered.


Among the girls, I just knew her childhood bestfriend, Tin, and a little bit of the sweet organizer, Mica. But it was funny how I had fun and enjoy seeing Roxy crying and laughing. The girls pulled it off very well.

In the photo below, you’ll see how scared she is of the thought of “macho dancer.” I think she’s ready to be a wife. 🙂

Here’s how it happened:


I personally like this photo:

And I found new great friends who always complete my buddy’s life:

It was a beautiful wedding. I am very honored to witness the love and happiness of a very beautiful couple.

To Wex, words can’t explain but yes, I’ll not worry and entrust my buddy to you. Please make my buddy happy for the rest of your lives. 🙂

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