Son Tinh & Vietnam Beers

Beers are important part of a human’s life! (Please forgive that very biased statement! Haha) 

And as I explore Vietnam from South to North, please forgive me, but I didn’t find any difference between Saigon Beer and Hanoi Beer (and Saigon Beer Green and Red!). But I do find their difference among other beers that I’ve tried, they’re lighter and easy to drink. 🙂



They’re the kind of beer that I would enjoy having in every meal, something to look forward to in every visit to Vietnam.

When we were in Hanoi, one of our friends invited us for a dinner in Highway 4. It was not just the weird food that I like about that Christmas Eve dinner but it was also the good company and the Son Tinh Premium Rice Spirits. It’s like a mixture of traditional and novel taste that complimented to the very fine Vietnamese food. I hope that this liquor will be one of Hanoi’s future tradition and that you’ll remember to try as you explore Hanoi.


What do you think?

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